View an interactive list of every active listing on FarmlandFinder.

Our dedicated team of professionals tracks land for sale, so you don't have to! View and filter every active listing on the market to quickly find land that fits your criteria. We report every piece of information that we find in our research. If information is missing, then our team was not able find those specific details. 

Here's a list of details you can expect to see: 

  • Gross Acres: the total acres of the property tract
  • Tillable Acres: the amount of acres that are arable
  • CRP Acres: the amount of acres actively enrolled in a CRP program
  • Soil Rating: the weighted average of the soil value of the property, based on the state-specific index (ex: IL = PI, IA = CSR2, MN = CPI, etc.)
  • Gross Price: the total listing price
  • $/Acre: the total listing price divided by the gross acres
  • Cash Rent - $/Acre: the posted cash rent price or the USDA average cash rent price for the county the property is located in. Check the 'Cash Rent Source' for specific cash rent details.
  • CRP Rent - $/Acre: the posted CRP rental agreement price
  • Gross Taxes: the posted annual tax price
  • Percent Tillable: tillable acres divided by gross acres
  • Gross Cap Rate: Cash rent times tillable acres plus CRP rent divided by gross price
  • Net Cap Rate: Cash rent times tillable acres plus CRP rent minus gross taxes divided by gross price
  • FarmlandFinder URL: a link to see further property details on FarmlandFinder
  • S-T-R: the legal description for the location of the property
  • County: the county the property is located
  • District: the crop reporting district the property is located
  • State: the state the property is located
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